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13 Days to go!

posted on 2019-09-18 16:04:00 in Patagonia Preparation

18th September

Less than Two weeks out and final planning and re-checking our route is now under way for the trip. Checking the plan and making sure everything is still ok and will fit in is extremely important to the smooth running of the trip. It is also good to be able to revise and familiarise myself again with some of the plans and places that were looked at early on. Helps with keeping the anxiety levels down and building the excitemen.

Making up for last week I have so far had Two good pack walks this week with the pack now a little heavier at just over 18kg. Sunday was a walk down near Somerville on the Mornington Peninsula, not the most exciting of walks but a good walk to stretch the legs.  Wednesday however was epic, after morning coaching I went in for a swim and clocked up 2km in under 40mins Long course which was very pleasing with so not many push offs to assist me. After the swim I Finished off with some Pilates exercises and 30 push ups. This was followed by another walk in Wilson Botanic Park for some step walking and practice some hill walking and of course another picture by the lake! 6km and 28 floors in a little over the hour certainly got the body warm even with the outside temperature at a sunny 9c. It was then up to doctors for another Rabies injection and all that completed before 10:00am! Still time for some admin work before back to the pool!

As every gram will count on the trek I am still trying to shave off a few grams here and there from my carrying weight. This weeks saving a severe haircut. Another 10grams saved!!!