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Albert Park, Melbourne

posted on 2019-08-30 23:34:24 in Patagonia Preparation

30th August Albert Park, Melbourne

Vic States SC Championships. The morning race session went very well with most swims being Best Times and the team earning 3 top 10 places and 12 finalists for the evening session. The pool environment was very hot and stuffy and I was pleased when the final race was completed. As usual I had a swimmer in the last event so had to stay until the bitter end. Leaving the building as quick as possible It was a great feeling and a true “Breath of fresh air” as I stepped out of the door. The temperature was still a little cool  but under the cloudless sky and  in the sun it felt lovely and warm – perfect in fact.

Initially I had thought about walking laps of Albert Park but I soon dismissed that idea in favour of some exploring through the old suburb of Albert Park and then down to Port Phillip Bay. Old colonial style buildings dominated the back streets with their fancy brickwork and ironwork. Along the promenade joggers and walkers strode out galloping through their step count, maximising the number in their limited lunch break. By contrast the palm trees stood tall and silent with leaves barely moving in the still air.

After a good brisk walk along the promenade I then headed back towards the city, the park and MSac.

inside the park with no traffic I took a more  a more sedate approach and I strolled through Albert Park following the gravel path back to MSac. On my right the city buildings stood like chess pieces against the tranquil lake.

Feeling refreshed and satisfied from the 5km walk I returned to poolside for the finals racing. Go TigerSharks!!!