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Cardinia Aquaduct Trail

posted on 2019-08-25 16:16:36 in Patagonia Preparation

25 Aug 2019.

Woke to the sound of rain on the window and not at all appealing to get up and go for a hike with 17kg pack! My commitment to the cause however got me out of bed and soon I was packed. By the time I had finished my porridge and tea the rain had stopped and sky started clearing. I arrived at the start of the walk to sunshine and a cool 8c and looking forward to a brisk walk to warm the body.

The first couple of km were quite easy walking along a gentle incline. Listening to the birds chirping, frogs croaking and Kookaburras laughing, it made me feel at peace. After crossing a road the incline or the path increased slightly as well as subtle change to the vegetation. The extra work created a rise in my body temperature too!

The sun played hide and seek for most of the morning until about 11:30 when the clouds got very dark and it started to rain. Here was a chance to try out my new back pack rain cover and poncho. The cover seems pretty good, it covers the pack well and repelled the water ok, the poncho  made me too hot very quickly and was a bit troublesome when the wind got up. It did however made a good seat cover when I stopped for lunch. I also tried my new gaiters today and they were good. Kept my legs dry and toasty warm.

The minestrone soup I had planned for lunch cooked up very quickly and was welcomed warmth with my snack.

At the end of the hike I had completed 13.5km and walking at average speed 4km/hr,  a good training session and more lessons learned.