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Drying out

posted on 2019-12-06 10:45:42 in New Zealand


After arriving as planned in Takaka, locating the campsite and pitching the tent we went off to explore the town to find out where we could eat for Thomas’s birthday, supermarket location and information on the weather in regards to the Heaphy track. 1 & 2 very positive and favourable the weather however was not looking good and we were advised to return in the morning to get an update.

Thomas was easy to please for his birthday meal a simple burger and chips and ginger beer. A very good choice and very filling after the meagre hiking rations.

The next morning was very Grey and overcast looking like rain so we took early walk to town for supplies and checking with DOC regarding the trek. The severe weather warning had been extended and increased, DOC were prepared to reimburse us due to the weather and in the interest of our safety and well being bee decided not to go. The hiking is to enjoy not endure plus the experience on the W track has made me more wary.

Shelter and Recovery – the goal for the next few days and just as well! The Storm hit Takaka, in the valley, with a vengeance, it was horrible, rain lashing down, wind howling and just down right miserable. I can only imagine what it would have been like on the mountain top. Our little tents held up very well, only once did I have to tighten the guy lines after a particularly nasty wind gust momentarily stoved in one wall of the tent.

We had to wait an extra day for the next bus back to Nelson at least it gave the main storm a day to pass and us a chance to have a look around the town and the Labyrinth rocks nearby.

Back in Nelson the weather was considerably better, a bit windy but much warmer and sunny. With time on our hands while our tents and clothing dried out we looked around the sea front and even took in a movie! Today we continue our trip down the South Island by heading south west over to the west coast.  The chance of getting wet again is unfortunately very high as rain is forecast for next 10 days.