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Last day in Port Barton

posted on 2013-08-14 22:12:59 in Philippines

To make the most of my last day I took another little boat ride today departing at 7am to go snake spotting! The boat was very small so we could paddle up a river through Mangrove trees. We did manage to see 2 snakes coiled up in the trees, which I was very pleased about, although I would have liked to see a few more. The snakes feed mainly at night on small frogs and similar creatures then head up the trees when the tide comes in to sleep. The snakes I saw are called Gold Ringed Cat Snake and I am pleased they were asleep as they are actually quite venomous and dangerous.

I took lunch today at Jambayla, a small restaurant on the beach. It is more of a few tables at the front of a house than a restaurant and the menu is very small. The food though is excellent; I took avocado salad with onions and olives. It was sprinkled with a spicy pepper and tomatoes drizzled with olive oil and tasted GREAT! It was accompanied by a slice of flavoursome homemade bread and surprisingly very filling. I have seen a few strange drinks in my time in Philippines and most I have stayed clear of, today was an exception, I tried avocado milkshake! A very interesting flavour, very thick in consistency and quite palatable, to a point, it got difficult to drink by the end of the glass, Avocado overdose!


While I am talking about food, I made burgers yesterday with fresh ground beef I was able to purchase and I tried Pitik or rock lobster. The man living next door had a few and cooked one up for me to try. Very ugly too look at but extremely tasty to eat.


I saw my second tree climber today, “Unbelievable” is all I can say about the way they scramble up and down the trees. Check out the stretch of the legs, I wouldn’t mind that flexibility or maybe even some of the swimmers I coach.

I stumbled across 2 women sewing leaves together into panels. They were like flax leaves folded over a frame to double up. They will be used as roof panels for the huts. After the walk I was very hot so took my final bath, I mean swim in the bay. Only a short one about 500m down the beach and back as the water was so warm it was not really refreshing at all.

Sewing leaves

I had to wait a long time for the sunset, it eventually arrived tonight, as they say patience is a virtue, it was worth it. Beautiful colours that continued to change and develop over a long period of time as the sun set behind the distant hills. A memorable and beautiful way to finish my time in Port Barton before tomorrow’s trip back to Puerto Princesa.