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Last Day in The Philippines

posted on 2013-08-19 13:00:27 in Philippines

You could almost say it was a bit of a washout, From the minute I got up to the time I went to bed it rained. The resort was almost empty apart from 2 kids and there parents so it was great having a big pool all to myself. It rained so heavy the road to the pool complex was like another swimming pool! It would be a good complex in the sunshine but not worth the effort to get there on this occasion.


To summarize my time in Philippines I thought I would finish with a few keywords:-

  • Volunteer for the Visayans and Elsa Thomasma
  • Tacloban, Palawan
  • Children, faces
  • Filipino Time
  • Kalamansi Tea and snakes
  • Rain– lots of it!
  • Rice – lots of it!
  • Religion, face of Jesus
  • Boats, capsize
  • Crocodiles, fish and snorkeling
  • Muddy roads
  • Nanay Tessie and Family

OK thats it folks! I am heading off to the airport in 10 minutes time. I hope you all enjoyed following my blog during my time in the Philippines and my blogpost gallery below. Next week I head for Wellington and starting a new job, another new experience and challenge. I just hope the earthquakes will have stopped rumbling by the time I get there.