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Last night in Santiago

posted on 2019-10-09 11:43:18 in Patagonia

The trip back to Santiago was quite uneventful, unless you call walking 6km in 32c heat an event. Luckily we were able to wash our clothes once we arrived at the guest house.

For our last night we decided to stay in a guest house close to airport, only 10 mins drive away. Even that close we still have to depart at 5:30am to get there for check in. The room is comfortable size and very clean, our host speaks good English and we have all the trimmings we could need, including as much fruit as we want, tea coffee and water on demand and a breakfast before we leave. Oops I nearly forgot some Columbian lollies to try as well!


We certainly made the most of our time relaxing here as the next 5 nights will all be under canvas as we enter Patagonia and hike through Cerro Castillo National Park. After checking the weather we are expecting a 20c drop in max temperatures tomorrow and getting colder from there on for rest of the week brrrr….

Hope to be back in wifi land for an update early next week….