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My final week before the off

posted on 2019-09-27 18:41:15 in Patagonia Preparation

27th September 

My last week in Australia has passed very quickly as I try to get some last minute training squeezed into a busy work schedule. Plenty of action in the pool with 3 good swims including a good loosen on Monday after the Sunday’s long pack walk. Something I have recommended myself to do frequently but am sure I will not get that opportunity much in Patagonia unless it is in a freezing lake or river! Tuesday I did a good step climb, extending my usual route by 50% and this was followed on Wednesday doing a single circuit of same route but carrying the full pack again. Thursday I took a pleasant 5km stroll around the Royal Botanical Garden in Cranbourne and today a good walk in the Point Nepean National Park.

Getting there early today to beat the crowds on a public holiday also proved lucky weather wise, managing to complete the walk about 20 mins before a cool front rolled in with the sun disappearing behind storm clouds? Rain drops starting and the temperature plummeting 7c down to a cool 10 degrees.

Tomorrow is my last day of work for the year, what a strange thought but pleasing too as I feel ready to depart now. Maybe a couple of short street walks over the next few days to keep the legs oiled, wash and pack the last few items. Monday re-check my gear and travel list and then prepare the house and garden for my return.

Tuesday the adventure begins!