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Spring walk Wilson Botanic Park

posted on 2019-09-04 13:11:08 in Patagonia Preparation

4th September 2019. Exercise is a strange thing, for years I have barely done any exercise and just accepted myself getting heavier and slower. Now, 18 months after I started swimming again and more recently with the increased walking, I feel guilty if I am not doing a regular swim or walk. After only 3 days out of the pool it felt great to get back in the water and bash out a solid 1500m swim then up to the Wilson Botanic Park for some step walking (26flights) and a quick fire 3km walk.

It has been a few weeks since I was last in the park and today it was lovely to see spring colours blooming along my walk. Bright yellow pansies and poppies dominated  flower beds with sprinkles of orange, white and purple adding depth to the show. New buds on the trees were developing and starting to burst forth and already glimpses of the fresh green could be seen.

The water levels in the lakes were still very low following last summers dry months with only a small increase since my last visit despite having so much rain.

4weeks until departure, soon I will be on a daily count down!