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The Daily Countdown begins

posted on 2019-09-15 10:30:35 in Patagonia Preparation

15th September. Not such a good week for walking with the best day for training being Wednesday. A beautiful warm sunny morning took me back into the Wilson Botanic Park for my “Step” route. This is where I have a circuit that incorporates climbing the main steps then climbing the lookout tower 3 times then repeating as many times as I have time for. A good way to get some hill walking practice without traveling to the mountains. After the intensity of the step circuit I find a walk around the gardens, particularly the smaller lake, sends my  mind and body into a cathartic state and energising me for the rest of the day.

My Swimming exercise this week stepped up a notch with  5 very good session’s. This at least made up a little for the reduced walking.

A visit to the hiking shop was in need this week to get a few more smaller items including a blister kit and some water purification tablets. I have read we can get fresh clean water directly from waterfalls but I think prevention is better than cure in my mind. Which leads me to of course to injections, this week was a rabies one, “Ouch” I felt that one!

Planning has been a bit more to the fore this week with the last days in NZ now completely finalised. The daily countdown has begun- 15 days to go!!