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The W Track - Final Day

posted on 2019-11-14 21:09:24 in Patagonia

Day 5 Central to Puerto Natales

It was a cold night, I woke about 1:30am and thought it was quite brIght so I put my head out of the tent to find out why, the sky was clear and full of stars and an almost full moon shone brightly. On the nearby mountain the snow reflected the moonlight with an eerie cold glow against an almost black backdrop. With a shiver I grabbed another layer to put on, zipped up the tent and made the decision to get up for dawn.

At 5:30 I climbed out of the tent to the feel of crunching underfoot and seeing a crispy coating of frost on the tent. Looking up to the mountains they were clearly visible grey and flat in the early morning light. I walked briskly, to stay warm mainly,  to a vantage spotted the day before. I arrived in time to see the first rays of the morning sun hit the very apex of the peaks. Then as the sun rose and the light lowered down the mountains it glowed a brilliant orange reflecting off the rocks and the snow. All around me the mountains were in constant state of flux as the rising sun revealed itself to the land. I spoke too soon about not seeing any wild mammals, today I saw 2 large hares chasing each other across the grass as if to get back to their burrows before the sun revealed them to preying eyes. Within an hour it was all over and I headed back to my tent and got back into my sleeping bag to warm up. A very satisfying start to the day.


Once the sunlight reached the tent it warmed up inside very quickly along with a rumbling tummy enticing me to get up for some breakfast. In the short time I had been in the tent a few wispy clouds had started to gather around the Torres Peaks.


We had a lazy morning sitting around chatting while the tents dried off the a slow walk to catch the shuttle bus back to the park entrance where we transferred to the bus returning to Puerto Natales. At the Park entrance we were both surprised to have such a clear view of the Torres Peaks which were not at all visible on the way in. It was a pleasant finish to sit on a warm bus looking at the peaks shrinking behind us. Then when we thought it is all over we spied flamingo and guanaco feeding by a Laguna, and were treated to mountain views all the way back to PN.


With some gear in storage at Hostel Josmar we went back to stay there again Thomas in a dormitory again and me camping. To finish off our trip we went back to the pizza restaurant and for a special treat treated ourselves to an ice cream. A great way to end the “W” trek.