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We’re off!

posted on 2019-10-01 13:11:00 in Patagonia

1st October

04:00 the alarm sounds while I am laying in wait with my eyes still closed. I didn’t need it to remind me what lies ahead nevertheless I jumped out of bed excited for the adventure I now faced. A warming bowl of porridge for breakfast and what I suspect will be my last decent cup of tea for a while before Brent dropped me at a dark and cold 4c Berwick railway station in time to catch the 5:07. The hour long, all stations journey to Southern Cross station in Melbourne city passed quickly as I watched the dawn break to a beautiful day. A brisk walk to the bus terminal allowed me to catch the 6:20 Skybus for the airport ahead of my planned schedule. As I sat on the bus gazing up to the clear blue sky with the warm sun hitting the side of my face a wave of emotion and reality hit me. It was really happening – after many months of planning the journey had finally begun!

I arrived at the Airport Check in desk ahead of schedule, in fact so early they booked me onto a much earlier flight to Sydney. My bag weighed in at 19.6 kg and carryon 1.1kg making them combined weight 700g more than I wanted. I am sure the stash of peanuts I pushed into the side pocket for snacking on would have added more than a few of those extra grams.

Getting the earlier flight did have a drawback of being squeezed into the middle seat. However, this was more than compensated by a small warm quiche for breakfast, a surprisingly half decent tea and use of free wifi. I had good views of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House on the way into Sydney flying just under the low cloud base.

Arriving In Sydney early allowed a more relaxed transfer in the shuttle bus to the international terminal and a leisurely weight before boarding. Next stop Santiago, Chile here I come!